Custom Tubes

We make thousands of tubes weekly...but many colors and styles never make the Secret Lures catalog or website.  We're testing a new website feature that allows pre-orders of custom batches.  Think of this as "Crowd-sourcing Customs"!  Each time the total pre-order quantity approaches 1,000 tubes, we'll do a run and ship direct to each customer that contributed to the order.  To start the process, send an email to  We'll create an item for you on the site, start your order with your quantity, and then let other customers help your batch grow to the 1,000 required for a run. You can share a link and get some help...or keep it a "Secret".  Base pricing for custom work averages $0.60 each on a solid color 4" tube, with a MINIMUM ORDER OF 25.   Core dip and two color tubes will require a $0.10 additional charge for time and materials.  We'll update the order quantity as it grows, and as we approach the 1,000 tubes, we'll assign a release date. 

Things we can adjust: tube size, base color/tail color, flake color, flake size, highlights, head length and tail length changes

Things we can't do: horizontal colors (top/bottom), guarantee exact matches of other people's colors (without added costs) ...all we can do is promise to do our best with materials in-house!


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